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What is the classification of non-woven fabrics?

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  According to the production process of non-woven fabric can be divided into different:

  1, is a jet of high pressure micro water flow to one or more layers of fiber net, the fiber entangled together, which makes the fiber network to be reinforced and have a certain strength.

  2, rahfu: refers to adding fibrous or powder melt in the web bonding material, fiber network after cooling heating and melting of reinforcement into cloth.

  3, pulp airlaid: also called dust-free paper and pulp. It adopts airlaid technology of wood pulp fiber board opening into a single fiber, and then use the method to make the fiber aggregation in a flow net curtain, web reinforcement into cloth.
  4, wet: fiber raw material is arranged in a water medium opening into a single fiber, and the mixture of different fiber raw material, made of fiber slurry, slurry conveying into the network organization, the fiber in the wet state into the net reinforcement into cloth.

  5: in spunbond polymer has been squeezing and stretching to form a continuous filament, filament laying into the net, web after bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement method, the fiber network into.
  6, the process of melt blown polymer melt extrusion feed - - - fiber - fiber forming cooling Net - reinforcement into cloth.
  7, acupuncture is a dry, is the use of acupuncture needle puncture effect, fiber net fluffy reinforcement into cloth.

  8, stitch: a dry, stitch method is on the fiber web, yarn layer, non textile materials using warp coil structure (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination for reinforcement to produce.



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