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  Hefei Huarun nonwoven products factory mainly engaged in non-woven processing and other products, the company respected "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility and spirit of enterprise, in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, to create a good business environment, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to the customer first service to customers, adhere to their own service to impress customers.. We always implement the "people-oriented, customer first" management philosophy. The company since its inception, always adhere to the "integrity creates quality, adhere to the specialization, standardization and scale for the business philosophy. Our corporate culture: work fine as this, a person's first; make our work more taste! Listen to the voice of the customer, we are willing and able to help customers succeed in the most economical cost, the best quality, the inseparable relationship, we know that customer success is the power of growth for the company.

  Our main non-woven series of products, with more than 20 years of professional production experience. The factory in good faith as the fundamental, to ensure quality, with low price for the purpose of self-improvement, and to peer learning, and strive to meet any customer needs our production requirements.

  ncluding all kinds of specifications:


11.5×11.5cm-4ply/6ply/8ply;12.5×12.5-4ply/6ply/8ply ;15×15cm-4ply/6ply/8ply ;20×20cm-4ply/6ply/8ply ;20×25cm-4ply/6ply/8ply stack; 40 x 45cm-2ply blood sucking pad,

  The above products can be added to the X-ray tracking line, and barium line technology currently belongs to leading level, making it completely and spunlace cloth pasted together, not falling, not rotten cloth, safe to use.

  Throat tablets can produce "Y" and "1" type;

  10*10cm/15*15cm/20*20cm/23*23cm/30*30cm25*25cmNon-woven ball of various specifications,And can be added to the X-ray tracking line and each ball can be added to the rubber ball size, can also according to the customer to adjust the softer, more reasonable and more beautiful. Can also according to customer needs to develop different products such as cloth and wipe the audition.

  Nearly a hundred kinds of non-woven fabrics of different sizes and varieties of laminations, blood sucking pad, throat tablets, non-woven balls and other non-woven products, to meet the different areas, can be used for medical wound dressing, sucking, dressing, can be used for cleaning the car or high precision machine parts, can be used for family health, cleaning supplies can be used for cleaning pets can be used for cosmetic skin care products and so on.

  With the continuous development of products, our factory will be more perfect and meet the needs of the market.
  In the medical field, nonwovens (mainly Spunlaced spunbonded nonwovens and weaving and textile) compared with the following two main advantages:
  A, can effectively penetrate the barrier and a layer of bacteria, or reduce the risk of postoperative infection. Some foreign experts compared 1 square inches per minute through the fabric of the bacteria, a layer of fabric is 790 - 19000, 420 - 13000 double fabric, and the non-woven bacterial penetration number is 0. Therefore, the non-woven fabric, can prevent and reduce the risk of infection after operation. Research has shown that in 3152 cases of the use of textile weaving operation, wound infection rate was 1.11%; in 3236 cases the use of Nonwovens in the operation, only 0.43% infection;

  Two, reduce the dust off the non-woven cloth and short fiber, can provide the best operation environment. 0.5 m particle dust attached bacteria, 1 grams of dust can carry the equivalent of 10% of its weight of the bacteria, this is one of the main factors of wound infection after surgery. The nonwoven medical surgical supplies, the number of suspended dust in indoor air operation can be reduced to 43%, is conducive to improve the cleanliness of air in the operating room, reduce the incidence of postoperative wound infection.


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